Body Scan Meditation

Sexually traumatized women... Want an amazing way to manage your trauma symptoms? Get this quick Body Scan Meditation now!

Facebook Communities

Safe, confidential, informative, and private - yes our communities are that and so much more. Choose between 2 different communities to best meet your needs - we look forward to seeing you "on the inside!"

My Podcast

Join me for the latest episodes, interviews and topics on what it REALLY takes to heal Trauma/PTSD beyond talk therapy and meds & become the most amazing YOU.

Trauma Healing App

Healing at your fingertips - wherever, whenever! To download the app, click on this "card" on your mobile device or type in Trauma Healing Yoga at your app store!

3 Essential Steps (beyond talk therapy and meds) Mini Course

Are you a woman healing from sexual trauma? There are 3 Essential Steps beyond talk therapy & meds necessary to healing your trauma. Join my NEWEST Mini-Course to learn about these essential steps to healing!

doTerra Essential Oils

Essential oils are a great way to help manage PTSD/trauma symptoms & triggers! Oils can help in regulating your central nervous system. For more information and purchasing, click on this card to access the doTerra essential oil site.

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